Tuesday, August 26, 2008

urm . . .

so can i just say how much i love love love kylie and aubree and rachel and catey? (those are the girls who live in apartment 909, right down the parking lot from us!) (sorry catey, no pics of you on this post!)

so this is what happens when i walk away from my camera...which happens to be in rachel riding's reach: (thats an alliteration! :D )

aaaand this is what happens when aubree stradling and kylie hassell...well...uhhh this is just kylie and aubree :)

please note in the following photographs: kylie's face changes drastically. aubree's stays stone still.

and these are the people i spend my free time with :) gotta love 'em. <3

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Formula for the Worst Day Ever:

*you get woken up early (is woken a word...?) by a call from your father saying he will be at your place in 10 minutes to help you move
*you rush frantically to get everything packed into your car while its raining outside
*the management from new apartment gets your rent wrong and you sit in the office for over an hour while he tries to get the lease taken care of
*your debit card gets denied because the deposit you put in isnt available til monday (so your roommate pays your part and you write her a check that she is absolutely not allowed to deposit til monday)
*you get exhausted from moving millions of boxes and realize....you are 10 min late for work (the closing shift, of course)
*it happens to be raining again, so you cant drive nearly as fast as you would like to
*its your fourth day of work and the only other person on your shift decides to tell you half an hour after closing that he doesnt know how to close out the register
*after going through 30 more min of grief finishing closing, you go out to the dark, empty parking lot at midnight...
*...and find your battery is utterly DEAD...cuz you left your lights on, in your rush to go clock in
*you no longer have a phone cuz you returned the loaner you were using that very morning
*you flag down a stranger miraculously going thru the parking lot and use his phone! <3
*your roommate doesnt answer....
*the girl a few doors down sends HER roommate to rescue you, but her battery isnt strong enough to jump yours
*so you leave your car in the parking lot overnight
*they drop you off at your apartment...and your key doesnt fit in your lock
*its still raining, by the way (your roommate eventually hears you futilely jamming your key in the lock and opens the door for you)

yah this was my saturday :) everythign worked out finally, and thanks to kylie/aubree/rachel's roommate, catey stroud, my battery is now sitting inside my frotn door waiting for me to take it down to checker and get it charged :P she is an AWESOME little mini mechanic! gotta love her.

Friday, August 15, 2008

whistle while you work!!! ...or eat, or text, or whatever the heck you wanna do.

"five dollar, five dollar, five dollar footlong!!!"

easiest job...EVER.

all you do is make the sub the way the customer tells you...and make sure you smile while doing it. the hardest part about working at subway...is mopping. not even kidding you! well that, and i guess figuring out what to do with yourself when no one comes in. we're allowed to eat whatever we want, use our phones whenever we want, do our homework (sweeeet!), WHATEVER, just as long as we do it away from the customers...and we arent IGNORING the customers. best job in the entire world :)

and its nice because i get free food! i'm NOT gonna starve my freshman year :D yay!

ohhhhh i'm SOOOOO EXTREMELY EXCITED! lauri, anne carroll, jordan walls (my three roommates) and kylie, aubree, rachel, and their roommate caty (spelling?) are moving up here tomorrow into the woodlands village apartment complex!!! i'm so pumped to see my friends again, and now i wont be sitting alone at church and firesides :) well i mean i always sat by other people, but now i wont feel like i'm inflicting my presence on anybody! haha

so this past monday for family home evening my ward went "hiking" through the lava tubes, it was AWESOME! if you ever go, make sure you have a good, nonbulky flashlight, and a jacket. and jeans :) and shoes that you dont feel every single little rock on the ground. haha but yah, it was two-ish miles worth of climbing over EXTREMELY uneven damp rocks, sometimes hunched cuz the caves got so low (some hunched less than others...bahaha, take that, all you people who mock my 5'1" height!!) and my quads were soooo sore the next couple days, but it was beautiful and incredible! my left knee is quite bruised and scraped, and at one point when i slipped, as every person who goes thru the caves slips, i kinda lightly hit my head on one of the rocks. no harm done, just felt a little bit like a moron klutz! (which...i am. so whatever!)

welp, i should get goin and pack up my stuff as much as possible since i'm moving into MY OWN APARTMENT tomorrow! o yah and i hafta go down to the apartment office since they're trying to screw us over for our rent, and i'm not as nice and meek as anne is, and she's been the one talking to the management lately. wish me luck :P

i love you all!!! and mom/dad/beth, i miss our ice cream freezer terribly. ice cream is a grand luxury i wont be enjoying for awhile unless handed to me for free :P

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

LSD, Crack, and Heroin

SUCCESS!!! the fruits of my job hunting labors have been brought forth unto me in the form of 7.25 an hour for 20-25 hrs a week at subway...a five minute walk away from my apartment (MY apartment, not the one i'm staying in for another week and a half!) and within walking distance of campus and institute! (plus there was this guy who works there who peaked my interest...maybe i'll get to know him and we can be friends and play!) so i am now officially EMPLOYED!!!!!!

....that is.....after i pass my drug screening. (which is what this post's title is referring to. *mischeivous, winky smile*) but hey, i'm a good girl with good clean blood! and this should be cake since peeing in cups is nothing new to me, what with all the pregnancy tests i've had to get. ("remember my motto," said dr. germaine to his new nurse assistant... "women always lie about pregnancy." well then....with all the times doctors have had to ask me whether or not i'm pregnant, apparently i've carried enough children to populate a small town by now!)


the point is, i'm hired!!! (mostly.)

aaaand you should take time to check out the most incredible collection of songs pretty much EVER. as i'm sure you've noticed by now, i added a playlist to my blog, and it consists of 25 of my most FAVORITEST songs i have ever heard. some awesome ones you may not have heard of: she's got a way - billy joel
helplessly, hopelessly, recklessly - jessica andrews
beautiful disaster - jon mclaughlin


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Flagstaff, AZ

it's BEAUTIFUL here!

for those of you who dont know, i moved in with my cousin alicia in flagstaff on july 31...it was hard to throw myself into the real world and even harder to leave my friends and family behind, but i am where i'm posta be! (yes kates, i just said posta. so shoot me ;))

its been purty uneventful here, i just settled right in and took up my allotted space in the apartment, and then immediately hit fry's so i could, y'know, EAT and stuff. (thank you a million times over for the food lisa!) i've already determined how much i hate the traffic and the drivers in flagstaff, there are the super courteous ones you find every once in awhile who you just want to get out of your car and kiss, because of all the other crazy idiots who scare the living snot out of you! BAH!

so i've already made friends with the LDS institute building and barnes and noble :) and i'm about to go make friends with cline library (the nau campus library) cuz i need to print off my resume (yah, that was dumb of me not to do before i left. woops!) and i think my roommates are getting a little weary of me using their comps for google maps for every little place i need to go :)

just around the corner from this apartment there is a place where i can sell plasma...so if they like my blood, i might sell myself to help get through college!

....urm....maybe i should word that differently :-/

well i better go chow down a cup o' noodles and head out again so i can officially start my jobhunt!(i've already applied online for cline library and barnes and noble, we'll see what happens with actually going out and collecting applications) wish me luck!!! o how desperately i need it :-

The Soundtrack to My Life ....Ideally.

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