Friday, September 19, 2008

The Bare Necessities

yes, its has been awhile since i've posted something on here, and for those of you (aka beth) who go blog hopping every day, i'm sorry for ALL those times you have gotten on here only to be disappointed by the very same post staring at you day after day. :P my sincere apologies!

but i'm repenting!!!

for those of you who are viewing my blog for the very first time, welcome!! i know my parents have given out my URL in a couple places...i'll try my best to keep this updated when i have a fragment of a spare moment (i can never get a whole one here...sigh!) so you all can know whats goin on in my life :) and you will hafta forgive my wordiness. thats haha

so! the theme of this post is, as the title says, the Bare Necessities of college life (more specifically, MY life!). lets start with the obvious...

meet agnes!!! she is my very quirky, very temperamental car. she has a built-in security device called "screaching horrifically every time you steer while breaking" so if anyone tries to steal her in the middle of the night, i will most DEFINITELY hear them trying to pull out. :) her hood is black, and the rest of her is a peeling, fading maroon. if you tap the break, she comes to a dead stand-still and ejects you out the windshield if you do not have your seatbelt on (another security feature...wear your seatbelt or else!!!) she also needs you to talk sweet to her if you wanna coax her up a steep hill. BUT!!! she gets me wehre i need to go, and she gets purty awesome gas mileage!(i think...i've only had to gas up twice since i've been here...thats good right?) so i love her!!!

and here is the newest addition to my very own CELL PHONE!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!! (thanks mom and dad!!) yes, this is most definitely a necessity. it keeps me in touch with the outside world, and now i have someone to call when poor agnes dies in the parking lot! (hasnt happened again...but still. this is me. who knows what WILL happen.) i have unlimited text (...fortunately...) so keep in touch! if you want my number just drop me an email at and i'll get that to ya :)

This is my kitchen. it includes our fridge/freezer, our microwave, our TOASTER (also a new addition! woot!) and our stove. to sum up...this is the place where i eat. important? only a WHOLE LOT!!! me encanta comer comida :) ("i love to eat food :)")

my wallet and my debit card: need i say more?? my wallet carries my drivers license, my little tiny cash stash, my school ID which gives me access to two of my classes and is how i print things off at the library...yah anywhere i go, my wallet goes. and my debit card? its how i pay rent, buy groceries, buy books, gas up agnes, do ANYTHING. this little piece of plastic rules my LIFE.

and here is my computer :D without it, it would be utterly pointless for me to be in college. every assignment is typed up on this baby (and printed off on my roomie jordan's printer). and this is my means of internet access...and this is my shout out to dearest Joshua Lindblom!!! THANK YOU FOR MY INTERNET!!!!! while it was once a convenience, it truly is now a necessity, as 7/8 of life up at NAU (well any university i suppose) requires online access. no computer, no grades!!! and no purpose in me spending buckets of money on my education. (thanks again Josh!!!) <3>

so...these are my sunglasses. they may not seem like SUCH a huge necessity to y'all...but lemme tell ya what, walking 20 minutes at a time, like four times a day, can be a highly unpleasant experience if you have nothing to shield your eyes. even when its cloudy, cuz everything else is all bright and reflect-y still, like the sidewalk and the clouds. these are also something i never leave the house w/ unless its at night! (btw...flagstaff is one of the only places i know of where people habitually carry around sunglasses and an umbrella at the same time. gotta love arizona!)

aaaaand last but NOT least, my subway visor and a roll of quarters. clearly, my visor is important because it represents my awesome job (only downside: we close at 11 and i usually dont get home til after midnight. ah well, ya win some and lose some, yah?) which is HIGHLY critical to my survival up here for several pays me first of all, second of all its like a free all-you-can-eat for me, and gets me OUT of my apartment!! haha :) and the roll of quarters? essential. who knew how many quarters you would need in college?? parking meters, vending machines, and most importantly......the coin laundry at my apartment. $1.50 per wash and $1 per dry. crazy! cant live w/out quarters.

And that is my current life in a nutshell! questions? comments? stories? anything??? just let me know :)

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