Sunday, February 15, 2009

Procrastinators Anonymous: Meet in the conference room eventually...

remember how i mentioned i hadn't played in the snow yet? well the day after my previous post, i decided it was high time to have some fun and enjoy it.

lets just ignore the fact that i had an entire paper to write still that had to be done the next day...
anyway, while i was posta be sitting at my computer dilligently writing a literary analysis for my honors english class, i was outside digging into the fresh(ish) untouched snow to the side of our apartment building. lauri was my accomplice and we got a bit carried away after we decided to make a snow WOMAN :) take a gander:
this is frieda :)

her eyes are rocks, her nose is a baby carrot, her mouth is...toothpaste...and her other accessories were found in varios places around our apartment. haha :) she has eyelashes and everything!! but idk if you can tell from this picture...which makes me sad cuz i spent quite awhile arranging them. what a waste.

lauri and i bonded very deeply with frieda while we were sculpting her, so we decided to pose with her for a couple photographs in order to remember each other forever. behold:

i found a friend shorter than me! :D

and here is the lovely lauri, my partner in crime :)

yah we're good buddies. and its a good thing we had this little photoshoot, too! alas, she had a short-lived live and couldn't endure the sun's relentless rays. this is frieda, that very evening:

poor girl. ah was fun while it lasted! and i sufficiently wasted enough time to force myself to focus and write my paper, so all in all it was a good day. all the snow is gone now, however, so it was good that i enjoy it while it lasted!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


there have been a couple "firsts" that have happened to me the past 5 months or however long its taken me to update this blasted thing. one of them being....


here's a little before and after for porch pre-snowfall, and currently:

yes...its crazy. that lamppost is taller than i am. ITS COLD!!! and i dont like it!! but maybe thats just because i haven't made a snowman yet...i'm sure i would enjoy the snow much more if i took the time to play in it :) perhaps soon...perhaps.

haha here's a picture of the creepy empty apartment right above ours.

i think the icicles are a nice touch, yah?

another first that i had was my first blind date! jordan (my roomie) and her boyfriend chase decided to set me up w/ chase's cousin, kimball hansen. i stole a picture off of his blog and am putting it up here for the world to see! muahaha! (assuming the whole world views my blog.) meet kimball hansen:

look at that grin...CLEARLY he's plotting something, concocting some devious plan which will lead to someone's demise. prolly chase's (sorry chase! haha). no but really he's pretty much hilarious and has changed my life...kinda. :P changed in the way that now i "beep" out half of the things i say (my previous post makes reference to that) because we can't tolerate any sort of swearing, now, can we? and also, i've had the song "africa" by toto stuck in my head for the past blasted week, my goodness! its like the soundtrack in my head is stuck on

welp, those are the only *major* firsts that really happened that i can think of. other minor firsts include, my first bruising-of-the-tailbone as i slip multiple times on the treacherous ice and slush plaguing the streets of flagstaff, my first dinner party hosted at our apartment (the first time using my slow cooker i got for christmas! woot) and my first addiction to the office. me and my roommates have watched the first four seasons within a couple months. we're THAT dedicated. :)

ah i should go get ready for work now...time to trudge through the snow uphill both ways! literally. i am SO gonna be one of those moms who plays that card against her kids when they whine! o yah ;)

later! (but hopefully not too much later...i'll try to be better about updating!)

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