Monday, August 2, 2010



This is me:

Why am I so deliriously happy...?

Because STEPHEN (aka the most wonderful man on Earth, and I am marrying him) has moved up to Flagstaff!  Do you know what this means?!

It means I don't have to drive 163 miles to see him anymore.  It means I don't have to hang up the phone every night and count down the days until I get to see his face. It means we can actually have a NORMAL relationship now, instead of over phone and facebook.

It means Amy is very, very smiley :D


Lisa and Jared said...

i think it's funny that you've already started a blog for the both of you! :)

amy root said...

ok that one is still a work in progress and people shouldn't look at it yet :) SHH, lisa!

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